simple design packaging for charger

Product Name: Charger packaging

Product size: 109mm*34mm*165mm

Product material: C1S paper

Product structure: double socket lock bottom

Product color: white

Production process: UV+ silver hot stamp

Product accessories: white plastic handle + blister

Scope of use: Suitable for all types of charger packaging available on the market

Display method: hanging type ,vertical type

1.High intensity
The high-pressure molded casing adopts international standard pulp and is resistant to corrosion by the oil-passing process.

2. Appearance
The upper and lower bottom opening modes are adopted, which is convenient for the user to take out and put back the product, and the appearance adopts a simple process, the appearance patent, and meets the aesthetic requirements.

3. Easy to transport
The product is light in weight, foldable, easy to transport, reduces shipping weight and reduces transportation costs and storage space.

4. Design accuracy
The design elements are complete, concise and clear, the goods are not hairy, not tilted, the brand design of the goods is easy to recognize, easy to remember, deepen the consumer impression.

Product advantages:
Free proofing, professional customization, short delivery cycle, economy, environmental protection, quality assurance.

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