Renewable Design for Gift Packaging Boxes - New design earphone packaging – Gathe

Product Name: Earphone/Headphone Box

Product size: 90mm*35mm*161mm

Product material: binding board

Product structure: lid and base box

Product color: black

Production process: gold stamping + UV + laminating

Product accessories: black plastic hook + blister

Scope of use: suitable for custom type of earphone box packaging sold in the market

Display method: hanging type, erect type and stacked type



Product characteristic


1、Design science

Use disposable structure  to  increase the firmness of the packaging, easy to open,and it have many advantages in display,could promote customers desires.

2、Environmental protectionenvironmental protection 

Cardboard made of recycleable paper,mainly include single-greyboard,double-greyboard,all can be recycable.

3、 Artwork protection

UV process can increase the brightness and artistic effects of the product, have productection high hardness, corrosion friction, not easy to appear scratches. Stamp process can not only upgrade product, but also decorate the packaging surface and increase added value. It have high Anti-Counterfeiting function.

4、Economical efficiency


Adopting appropriate packaging design and materials can save  costs, and make packaging more rational and scientific .

Product Advantages

Free digtal sample, customized, short delivery time, quality assurance, environmental protection.