Reasonable price for Rigid Box Design - 2019 new design earphone packaging – Gathe

Product Name: Headphone Box

Product size: 100mm*75mm*155mm

Product material: binding board + top sheet + C1S

Product structure: book type box earphone box

Product color: white

Production process: UV + silver stamping + laminating

Product accessories: white plastic handle + acetate

Scope of use: suitable for custom type of earphone box packaging sold in the market

Display method: hanging type, vertical type, stacking type

1. Novel design
The book-type box packaging structure is very rich in layering when browsing products, and the appearance is simple and exquisite, improving product image and grade, increasing the added value of its products, and improving the competitiveness of products and similar products.

2. Strong protection
Gray cardboard not only has anti-wear, anti-slip and strong performance in terms of elongation, bursting resistance, stiffness, folding resistance and tearing; the most important thing is to better protect the product, not in the transportation process. A bumpy product can cause a bump in the product.

3. Environmental protection
Gray board paper is a kind of packaging material that is produced from recycled waste paper and can be recycled and reused.

4. Process protection
The UV process increases the brightness and artistic effect of the product, protects the surface of the product, and has high hardness, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance. The hot silver process can produce better graphic effects, which makes the product more vivid, and the appearance is gorgeous and elegant.

5. Economics
The proper use of packaging materials is related to the cost and safety of product transportation. Packaging products with appropriate packaging materials can save a lot of cost, and at the lower cost, the products can be safely protected from over-packaging and over-construction. Weak packaging.

Product advantages:
Free proofing, packaging can be customized, short delivery cycle, quality assurance, environmental protection.