PriceList for Phone Case Box - low price earphone packaging – Gathe

Product Name: Headphone Box

Product size: 60-130mm*24mm*140mm

Product material: C1S

Product structure: Shaped box

Product color: white + light red

Production process: UV + silver stamping + varnishing

Product accessories: black plastic handle + blister + acetate

Scope of use: Suitable for all types of earphone packaging types on the market

Display method: hanging type, vertical type

1.Shaped design
Novel, beautiful, portable, generous, and recognizable, attracting consumers’ attention.

2. Appearance
The special-shaped box packaging method is distinguished from other ordinary packaging, which makes the product more unique.

3. Long use life
It adopts high-grade packaging and printing technology to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof and oil-proof functions. It can better protect products while increasing aesthetics, and protect packaging during transportation, loading and unloading and sales.

4. Economics
The protection of the packaging is realized at a lower cost, and the transportation, storage, loading and unloading and the like are simple, the cost is reduced, and the competitiveness of the product is enhanced.

Product advantages:
Free proofing, short lead times, economy, functionality, durability and environmental friendliness.