OEM/ODM China Power Bank Packaging Box - black drawer leather phone case paper packaging box – Gathe

Product Name: Waterproof mobile phone case box

Product size: 107mm*59mm*180mm

Product material: binding board + top sheet

Product structure: drawer type

Product color: black

Production process: UV+ laminating

Product accessories: EVA + paper card blisteray + black paper handle

Scope of application: Suitable for all types of waterproof mobile phone case packaging available on the market

Display method: hanging type, vertical type, stacking type

1.Structural science
The structure adopts the drawer type packaging design, which makes the product easy to take out from the package and has the impulse to let the customer open the package. It is easy to open and reduce the loss of customers.

2. Protective
The UV process can better protect the pattern on the package, protect the package from scratches, scratches and corrosion; the gray cardboard not only has anti-wear, anti-slip, but most importantly, it can protect the product well, and the gray paper Elongation, bursting, stiffness, folding resistance and tearing are relatively high relative to other materials; ensuring that there is no bumping of the product during bumping and handling during transportation and handling, extending the packaging Service life.

3. Environmental protection
Gray board paper is produced from recycled waste paper. The packaging is easy to recycle and does not pollute the environment. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material.

4. Economics
The packaging materials are easy to produce, have wide resources, convenient materials, relatively low cost, and meet the requirements of packaging strength and performance in all aspects, so that the packaging is rationalized and does not cause excessive packaging and excessive packaging.

Product advantages:
Free proofing, customizable, fast delivery, high quality, environmental protection

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