OEM Customized Bluetooth Speaker Packaging Box - Corrugated paper packaging box for bluetooth speaker – Gathe

Product Name:Bluetooth speaker packaging box

Product size: 185mm*125mm*220mm

Product material: C1S

Product structure: up and down lock bottom window

Product color: white

Production process: UV+ laminating

Accessories: Blister + C1S + acetate + white plastic handle

Scope of application: Suitable for small portable Bluetooth packaging types on the market

Display method: hanging type,vertical type


1.Design science

The design adopts the upper and lower locking bottom + partial window opening structure. The upper and lower locking bottom type has the advantages of convenient opening and firmness. The partial opening window facilitates the consumer to view the physical product, increases the user experience and promotes the customer’s purchasing behavior and improves the sales rate.

2. Process protection

The UV process increases the brightness and artistic effect of the product, increases the grade of the product on the surface of the protective product, enhances its hardness, resists corrosion and friction, and is less prone to scratches; the glue process can play the role of waterproofing, moisture proof, oil proof, etc. The environment is more adaptable and can better protect products and packaging.

3. Material environmental protection

The single powder material has uniform thickness, small stretchability, high strength, good water resistance, no spots on the paper surface, wrinkles, perforations, and the like. The paper is even and compact, the whiteness is high, the paper surface is smooth and glossy, the coating is firm and consistent, and the printed and beautiful patterns and texts are obtained, which are closer to the actual products and express the physical properties.

4. Economics

Cost control over the entire process of printing, such as materials, processes, accessories, etc., to maximize the cost of packaging, making products more advantageous in sales.

Product advantages:

Customizable, free proofing, short lead times and high quality.

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