Low price packaging for charger

Product Name: Charger box

Product size: 66mm*25mm*165mm

Product material: C1S (coated paper)

Product structure: upper and lower double socket lock bottom

Product color: white

Production process: UV+ laminating

Product accessories: plastic handle + inner paper card + acetate

Scope of application: Suitable for custom type of charger box packaging sold in the market

Display method: hanging type, vertical type, stacking type


1.Design science

Adopting the upper and lower double socket packaging structure, the double-socket lock-bottom packaging is convenient for consumers to open the package and browse the internal products. The appearance design is simple, exquisite, and the image improves the product image and grade, increases the added value of the product, and improves the competitiveness of the product.

2. Material protection

Single-powder packaging material, paper thickness is uniform, small stretchability, high strength, good water resistance; no spots, wrinkles, holes, etc. on the paper surface. The paper is even and compact, the whiteness is high, the paper surface is smooth and glossy, and the coating is firm and consistent. After printing, the beautiful and clear pattern and text are obtained, which is closer to the physical product and does not cause great information distortion.

3. Environmental protection

The single powder is a kind of cardboard with gray material made of recycled materials, which can be recycled and reused, and has no pollution to the environment and human body. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material.

4. Process protection

The UV process has high hardness, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, etc. It increases the brightness and artistic effect of the product and protects the surface of the package. The glue-on process protects and increases the gloss and the surface of the film product is clean, flat, and not blurred, with good finish, no wrinkles, no blistering, and no paper-plastic separation. The degree of dryness is appropriate and there is no stickiness of the surface film or paper. After slitting, the size of the slit is accurate, the edge is smooth, and no film is formed, so that the overall image effect after packaging is good.

5. Economics

Packaging products with appropriate and resource-rich packaging materials can save a lot of procurement and processing costs, and provide the safest protection at a lower cost, avoiding excessive packaging and weak packaging on the packaging, making the product packaging more Rationalized and scientific.

Product advantages:

Free proofing, packaging can be customized, short delivery period, economy, quality assurance, environmental protection

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