High Quality Costomize Pdq - PET packaging for earphone – Gathe

Product Name: Headphone Packaging Box

Product size: 191mm*83mm*210mm

Product material: C1S (coated paper)

Product structure: display box

Product color: gray

Production process: UV+ laminating

Product accessories: blister

Scope of use: suitable for custom type of earphone box packaging sold in the market

Display method: vertical type, stacking type

1.Design science
The book-type box packaging structure is used to increase the firmness of the package, and it is convenient to open the package. The appearance is beautiful and elegant, and the heaven and earth cover gift box is very easy to open; it has a great advantage in the display, and is more convenient for marketing sales of marketing consultants. It can effectively improve the timeliness of sales and promote the purchase of consumers.

2. Environmental protection
The single powder is a kind of cardboard with gray material made of recycled materials, which has better printing effect.

3. Material and process advantages
The single powder material has uniform thickness, small stretchability, high strength and good water resistance; no spots, wrinkles, holes and the like on the paper surface. The paper is even and compact, the whiteness is high, the paper surface is smooth and the gloss is high, and the coating is firm and consistent; the combination of UV and glue technology increases the brightness and artistic effect of the product, and protects the surface of the product to obtain fine and clear patterns and characters.

Product advantages:
Free proofing, packaging can be customized, short delivery cycle, quality assurance, environmental protection.