High definition Car Charger Box - earphone gift box – Gathe

Product Name: Earphones/Headphones Box

Product size: 130mm*35mm*195mm

Product material: binding board + C1S

Product structure: book type box

Product color: white + blue

Production process: UV + gold hot stamp+ laminating

Product accessories: black plastic handle+ plastic

Scope of use: Suitable for all types of earphone packaging sold in the market

Display method: hanging type ,vertical type

Support customization



1.Shaped design

Novel, beautiful, portable, generous, and recognizable, increasing the user’s visual experience.

2. Appearance

The book box has a square packaging structure and a book-type opening method, which is highly layered, compactly stitched, and adopts a high-end printing process. The appearance is simple and exquisite, and the display effect is better.

3. Long use life

It adopts a variety of packaging and printing high-grade technology to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof and other functions, which can better protect products while increasing aesthetics.

4. Economics

The protection of the packaging is realized at a lower cost, and the transportation, storage, loading and unloading and the like are simple, and the convenience for use is brought to the merchant and the consumer. Reduce costs and enhance product competitiveness.

Product advantages:

Free proofing, short lead times, economy, functionality, durability and decorativeity.