Drawer gift box for charger

Product nameCustomize car charger packaging gift box

Size : 90mm*45mm*160mm


Material:1200GSM cardboard +157 coated paper


structure:drawer box




Finishing:UV, silver hot stamping, matt lamination


Scope of use: Suitable for all types of car charger packaging available on the market

Display method: hanging type ,vertical type

Support customization



1.High strength

Made of gray board material, it has strong toughness.

The drawer is opened, which is highly layered and has a strong three-dimensional effect. The compact splicing design uses a variety of high-end sophisticated printing techniques.

2.Long use life

Waterproof, moisture proof, oil proof, structural science.

3.Good scientific and protective

It can effectively cooperate with the operation of transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, etc., so that consumers can use, carry and store the goods; the choice of materials and the design of the structure can better protect and store the products.

Product advantages:

Free proofing, packaging can be customized, delivery time is short, quality is guaranteed, and service flow is perfect

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